Our food should be our medicine

and our medicine should be our food. 

- Hippocrates 


Integrative Nutrition and Wellness Support

Using bionutrient therapies and holistic health principles, let's build a healthier you!


This saying includes what you do not eat. What environmental contaminants you absorb. What pathogenic conditions prevent you from utilizing nutrients.  Many chronic illnesses have their roots in problems of detox, hard metals, chronic infections, and parasites. Nutrition can be both related to the cause and the solution of such illnesses. 

I graduated with a Master of Science in Human Nutrition from London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine in 1986. I had previously earned a BA in Health Counseling from Antioch University, a diploma in Holistic Health and professional certification as a yoga instructor.  I worked for many years in humanitarian affairs and refugee feeding and food fortification, and learned much about food habits and diet among traditional societies, the role of infectious disease in nutrition, and epidemiology and statistics.  



What My Clients Have to Say

"Angela was instrumental in helping my adult son overcome many complex health challenges. She advises on diet, on supplements, on testing for better diagnosis. She goes the extra mile and cares deeply about her clients".  Karen D.

" Angela has a very comprehensive knowledge of complex health conditions and an understanding of root causes - very effective use of nutrition and natural means for healing. She is compassionate and very knowledgeable."  Catherine Milner, BS, MS, MFT.



Nutrition Solutions for Chronic Conditions

Let’s Succeed Together

Many diseases are both genetic and environmentally driven.  Taking a holistic and functional approach to any health condition can open up many alternative means to feel better. My approach is to help you understand your choices in diet and bionutrient (supplement) support for an improved quality of life. 


Contact Me

Watsup: +55 61 92001 5883

Skype: angelabrazil29

Gradient Ocean


  • * Nutrition and Dietary Evaluation 

  • * Review Health History 

  • *  Set health goals

  • * Advise on further testing through your primary or specialist referral 

  • * Preliminary supplement recommendations 

  • * Follow up on progress and review of  supplement and diet modification 



After reviewing your health history and dietary habits (intake forms), we will schedule a consultation to review all documents, determine your health goals, and review recommendations for an initial two week protocol for dietary and supplement support. 1 hour 30 minutes.



After the initial consultation, we will schedule another time to discuss your reaction to the dietary and supplement protocol, discuss lifestyle choices, home health and other matters, and revise the protocol accordingly. 45 minutes (2-3 weeks after initial consultation).



After 4-6 weeks on the revised protocol, we will schedule another consultation and discuss further your progress on your health goals and any new symptoms or issues that you wish to address. 45 minutes.

Tea Infusion

To purchase the three session (total for one 1.5 hour and two 45 minute consultations) the cost is US$ 200 by PayPal. Write by email and we will send you a Payment Request.   Payment schedules and discount/exchanges possible for those facing financial difficulty.

Angela Berry Koch 

Wellness Adviser - Nutrition Consultation 

Skype: angelabrazil29

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