Our food should be our medicine

and our medicine should be our food. 

- Hippocrates 



Tea Infusion


- Review Health History 

- Review Dietary Preferances 

- Discuss future interventions (supplements, life style, medical follow up needed, etc.) 

After the initial consultation, at your discretion we will schedule a follow up consultation (usually six weeks after the original appointment) to review your progress.

First Consultation: 1 and 1/2 hours

Follow Up: 40 minutes 

Final Evaluation: 1 hour 

All sessions are remote by zoom or watsup ...

Service Subtitle

Payment schedules and discount/exchanges possible for those facing financial difficulty. 


What My Clients Have to Say

"Angela was instrumental in helping my adult son overcome many complex health challenges. She advises on diet, on supplements, on testing for better diagnosis. She goes the extra mile and cares deeply about her clients".  Karen D.

" Angela has a very comprehensive knowledge of complex health conditions and an understanding of root causes - very effective use of nutrition and natural means for healing. She is compassionate and very knowledgeable."  Catherine Milner, BS, MS, MFT.



Green Goodness

Nutrition Solutions for Chronic Conditions

If we address illness with the same positive spirit as we approach health, we can overcome any disease. 

Many diseases are both genetic and environmentally driven.  Our approach is to help you understand your condition and devise natural means to address the root causes. 


Contact Me

I am located in Florianopolis Brazil, but can provide tele- consultations online.  The easiest way to reach me is by email, but you can also use the WhatsApp number or send me an SMS at +55 48 99140 0022

+55 48 99140 0022

Skype: angelabrazil29

Gradient Ocean
Herbal Medicine

Integrative Nutrition and Wellness Support

Finding the root cause of illness and addressing imbalances through nutrition will be our goal. Referrals will be made for further testing and/or consultation with specific practitioners or clinics where needed.

Functional nutrition is a form of medicine which looks at root causes of illness. Through examining a thorough history, clinical symptoms and laboratory evidence, we can address the needed dietary and nutrient balances to overcome disease. 

I have been practicing nutrition for thirty years.  I hold a Master of Science in human nutrition from London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and undergraduate degree in health counseling; and am a licensed practitioner in Brazil in nutrition counseling.